Born in Kranj, Slovenia in 1988. Holds BA (2012) and MA (2017) in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Ljubljana. Self-employed in culture. Member of the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations and Art Association Kranj. Lives and works in Kranj, Slovenia.


 AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS                                  

2019 Young Author Recognition (May Salon)

2016   Purchase Prize (5th Int'l Fine Arts Festival Kranj - ZDSLU);
          Young Author Purchase Prize (Piran Ex T.)

2015    Gallery Award (Ptuj Ex T.)

2014    Grand Prix (Ive Subic Ex T.)



2018     7th Alpen Adria Art Symposium, St. Kanzian, Klopeinersee, AT

2017      Szentgotthárd - Monoster; 16th Int'l Fine Art Colony, Szentgotthárd, HU

2016      Slovenia Open to Art 2016; 24th Int'l Art Symposium, Sinji vrh, SI



2019    URH K, VESEL POTOCNIK V. in STIBELJ M., Morjá siroka cesta: izbrane pesmi Franceta Preserna, Kranj 2019

2015      BLAZIC KLEMENC, A. in MERKAC, F., V barvah utripajo blizine, Celovec 2015


















“In the light of relentless exposure of digital media, painting stands as an important attempt of self-preservation within contemporary art. In times of pronounces overflow with reproductions and digital images, artworks and their auras are forming from a ‘landfills of such content’. Artistic pursuit means entering the practice that was already performed countless times. At the same time, within the age of display, maintains its dependence on slowness, its abilities of a constant presence, full resolution, natural size and real time.”

“Artistic pursuits of the author enthrone technically different images by way of moving from the field of digital/mass into the painting/erstwhile. Content-wise, paintings slide into the idea of immaterial digital sphere, while at the same time, staying as material objects of actual reality. Images, taken from the internet are assembled into a composition for which it often appears to be a random combination of seemingly incompatible components. This changes their meaning, making the way for a lucid, interlacing narrative on many levels. The paintings force us to slow down to the time of their materiality. Only then, it triggers a mechanism for reading an embedded story that defies the speed of a digital image, while also showing us its critical reflection of time.”